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Subzero Prices – Big Numbers For Great Refrigerators

Anyone who ever finds himself or herself in the market for a Sub-Zero refrigerator eventually has the need to research Subzero prices.  Unlike most kitchen appliances, finding this information is not as simple as simply going to an online retailer’s website; some additional effort is required.

Sub Zero is a firm that is very proud of the products it manufactures.  They have good reason for this, as they are amongst the most well regarded models in the marketplace.  When someone buys a Sub-Zero fridge freezer there is a certain amount of status and prestige associated with the purchase, as they are considered by many to be one of the best refrigerator brands.

Subzero does their best to encourage this by maintaining an air of mystique about their products.  A key facet of this marketing strategy is a prohibition of publication of their prices online by their dealers.

Dealers for their refrigerators are subject to strict conditions about how they advertise the products, and the prices for which they sell them.  Any violation can potentially result in an appliance store losing the coveted ‘Subzero authorized dealer’ status, and thus losing this lineup of Sub zero fridge products from their stock.

What all this means for potential consumers is that the best way to get Sub-zero prices is to simply locate a local dealer on the Sub Zero website, and then visit the store.  As a buyer you get to see the benefits of their products in person, and the dealer gets the chance to complete a sale with you right there on the spot!

Of course, what you really want is to know prices without having to go to the store. Let me give you some examples.  The Subzero PRO48 – the jewel of their residential refrigeration line – sells for well over $10000 dollars; this is a huge sum of money, but do not even think about haggling; this is not an option the dealers have.

More modest units such as the Subzero BI-36R built in refrigerator will still set buyers back over $5000.  Clearly, those contemplating a purchase from Subzero you will need to have some serious dollars at your disposal!

All that said however, Subzero is very difficult to beat when it comes to those whom have large amounts of money to spend.  Some consumers believe Viking gives them a run for their money however, as Viking also offers stoves and ovens.  Refrigerator reviews for these products are often quite positive. Subzero however, is a partner of Wolf, a leading oven manufacturer – so they can definitely compete on that front too.

There is no arguing that Subzero prices are very high, but they do make great refrigeration products that any homeowner would be proud to own.



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Refrigerator Reviews – Different Types

A good refrigerator is an essential cornerstone of the 21st century kitchen.  Without a well reviewed refrigerator freezer a home simply does not have the ability to preserve highly perishable foodstuffs for an extended length of time.

When you aim to purchase the best refrigerators is it important to purchase one that gets good reviews, and is of the best refrigerator brand and type for your homes needs. In this article, I review some of the different types of fridge freezers available in the marketplace.

Freezerless Refrigerator Review

If your needs are just for refrigeration – with no requirements for freezing – then you can opt for freezerless refrigerators.  These appliances are rated well for a variety of uses.  While most common in the commercial arena, they are also frequently found in residential kitchens.

There are models available from a wide variety of manufacturers including Whirlpool, Electrolux and Maytag.  A good place to get the best refrigerator reviews for the different models is to check the user reviews posted on online retailers websites.

Counter Depth Refrigerator Reviews

Ideal for those who are appearance sensitive, counter depth fridge freezers are designed so that they do not protrude out past your kitchens cabinetry.  This usually means these refrigerators are only about two feet deep.

This tends to mean that these models are slightly smaller in capacity than traditional full sized refrigerators.  However, they do tend to look a lot more stylish than competitive models. Popular manufacturers include Kenmore, KitchenAid and Frigidaire; the well regarded GE Monogram refrigerator selection is also one of the best refrigerator brands.

Under Counter Refrigerator Reviews

Designed for space constrained kitchens, the under counter refrigerator is installed beneath your kitchens countertops.  These models are well regarded by homeowners who value their counter top space over refrigeration capacity.

Popular with the physically impaired, these fridges are easily accessed from a wheelchair. Generally, they have a similar size – and installation procedure – to a residential dishwasher.

Models from firms such as Summit, SubZero and U-line are frequently used as supplementary refrigerated storage beyond a kitchens main fridge freezer.

Wine Cooler Refrigerator Reviews

Designed for long-term wine storage, wine coolers allow bottles of wine to be stored under the ideal humidity, temperature and lighting conditions.  This is a valuable ability for collectors of wine.

Sunpentown, VinoTemp and EdgeStar all provide well-reviewed refrigerators of this type.

Retro Refrigerator Reviews

Admirers of classical and vintage looks will appreciate the look of retro vintage style fridge freezers.  Bright colored appliances have a lot of appeal amongst homeowners who enjoy the look of decades gone by.

Without a doubt, the leading manufacturer in this field is the firm that makes Smeg refrigerator units.  Alternatively, buyers can look at used refrigerators – for the authentic vintage refrigerator experience – but will find these are very inefficient devices.

Portable Fridge Reviews

There is also a large selection of portable refrigerators available in stores.  These are available for a wide variety of different applications outlined below.

12v refrigerators are popular for camping and use as car refrigerators.  Propane refrigerators are good for use as off-grid refrigeration appliances, and are sometimes used as RV fridges.

Three way fridges allow mains power, 12 volt DC and LPG to be used to operate the device depending on the circumstances under which it is used.

No matter what type of fridge freezer you require, in 2012 refrigerator reviews should be taken into account when planning a purchase.


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The Samsung G-Series – Space Has Never Looked So Good

When it comes to cooling and freezing, the Samsung G-Series refrigeration range can offer you more space for your food than ever before. The entire range benefits from Samsung’s exclusive thin wall technology – which means that there’s less space taken up by insulation, and there’s more space to store the food that you love.

Thanks to the Ecospace technology, every model from the G-Series range has from 40 litres to 100 litres more space inside compared to standard fridge freezers. This means that you can fill your appliance with more food, allowing you to buy more and shop less often – fantastic if you hate trips to the supermarket!

The G-Series range offers designs and capacities to suit every household – from the elegant combi models like the RL58GREIH to the American style fridge freezers and the unique 3-door design  RFG23DERS – there’s bound to be a product that will look fantastic in your home.

Many of the models also have the highly desirable ice and/or water dispensers, which are always a big hit with adults and children alike. Combi fridge freezers with water dispensers from the G-Series range will never require connection to a water supply, which is brilliant when it comes to choosing where to locate your appliance, as your choice isn’t limited by a water pipe.

As well as huge capacities and beautiful designs, the Samsung G-Series range has more innovative storage solutions and freshness features than you can shake a stick at. Let’s take a look at some of the best.

Intelligent cooling

All models in the G-Series range feature a Smart Eco System, which uses sensors to constantly check the temperature and humidity inside the appliance. This means your food will always be stored in the perfect condition to keep it fresh for as long as possible. And, thanks to the sensors, your fridge freezer will only be working as hard as it needs to, which means that the amount of energy it consumes should be lower, so you will definitely see the benefit when your energy bills arrive.

A place for everything

With height adjustable balconies inside the door, G-Series fridge freezers allow you to accommodate items of all shapes and sizes, whether your family loves two litre bottles of pop or gets through six pints of milk in a week. Samsung’s Fresh Room Zone is also a nifty trick to have up your sleeve when it comes to keeping food fresher than ever before. This low temperature compartment is great for keeping your vegetables garden-fresh, or for storing items like steak or fish, as it maintains a low temperature which preserves all of the delicious tastes and nutrients.

It’s easy being green

Every model has an A++ rating for efficiency, so they are not only super environmentally friendly, but also a great investment in keeping your energy bills low for years to come. Each model also features stage LED lighting, which ensures every inch of your fridge is brightly lit. Not only that, but LED lighting uses 75% less energy than traditional fridge bulbs, so you’ll be saving money on your bills as well as casting light over your groceries.

Cool on every level

Multi Flow Cooling keeps every area of the fridge freezer chilled to perfection, which helps to preserve your food for longer than ever before. Because there is a constant stream of air cycling through the appliance, you’ll also never have to worry about frost forming, which means that defrosting will become merely a memory and never necessary!

It’s easy to see why the G-Series range is so desirable. Cooling expert at Appliances Online, Amy Dutton says “Samsung are known for pushing technological boundaries and this is exactly what they have done with their G-Series range.  Everyone wants more all the time; more space, more storage and more food whilst still wanting to pay less.”

“Thin wall technology will effectively change the way people shop – more storage space equals less shopping trips which means more time for you and your family.  I have spoken to so many people who love Samsung products and this technology is creating a lot of excitement.  It is such a simple but brilliant way of creating more space and typical from Samsung to be leading the way.”

So if you could use some more space when it comes to storing your favourite foods, and need an appliance that’s definitely not going to let you down in the style stakes, your dream model from the G-Series range is waiting.

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Shopping Guide for GE Refrigerators

GE has been in the industry of providing consumers some of the most necessary electronics and home appliance products for so many decades. One of the most distinct product lines from this brand is the refrigerator design, for which GE has a very strong reputation.

Among the mass marketed fridge models available in most appliance showrooms today, it is the range of GE refrigerators that’s considered to be easily accessible. In most GE refrigerator reviews, they never fail to mention that the brand caters to a wide range of customers of different financial backgrounds through the myriad of refrigerator models available.

To keep you on track in buying the right GE refrigerator model, you may want to consider some helpful shopping steps below.

o You would know from reading various GE refrigerator reviews that the brand can provide you fridges from the most expensive French door refrigerator to the most affordable compact refrigerator. At such extremes, you will find bottom freezer, side by side, counter depth, bottom freezer and top freezer in between. Choose the one that appeals to your storage and cooling needs best.

o If you are very particular with some technical details, then you might as well consider where would you want the door to swing open – is to the left or to the right? Consider the door clearance as well and the surrounding cabinetry.

o The choice of fridge model based on storage capacity should be grounded on the number of people in your household, the frequency of storage and shopping for food and the inclination of your family to host large parties and prepare meals.

o You can have an option when it comes to the exterior design of the fridge so that you can match the design the fridge to the existing cabinetry.

o If you have a particular requirement for a cooling feature, like a water or ice dispenser, then you can visit the official website of GE to narrow down the choices to what you really want.

Staying Cool with Fridge Thermometers

When it comes to fresh food, health and hygiene are extremely important. Most food contains harmful bacteria which can only be killed off or kept at a stable state by keeping the food chilled. When exposed to warm temperatures bacteria multiply at alarming rates and this can increase the risk of contracting food poisoning and serious illnesses. But simply keeping food in a fridge is not enough the fridge has to be at the correct temperature.

How cold should my fridge be?

The Food Standards Agency recommends that you keep your refrigerator at or below 5C (41F) in order to prevent the bad bacteria growth on fresh foods that can cause serious health issues. However, different foods react differently to warm and cold temperatures. You should always check the packaging for specific information, but this guide should be helpful:

Fruit and vegetables: Keeping fruit and veg in a fridge can extend its life and can also retain its quality. Fruit and veg should be kept in the bottom section of the fridge in a drawer, if available, or just above the raw products. Keeping them at slightly warmer temperatures (about 4-5C) will avoid freezing which can affect the taste.

Meat, Fish and poultry: Meat and fish should be kept below other ready to eat products to prevent the transfer of bacteria from raw food to ready to eat items. As the raw food is going to be cooked, the bacteria will be mostly killed off (chilling just keeps the bacteria at a safe level and prevents it from multiplying), but this is not the case with ready to eat products. 1-4C is the optimum temperature.

Other fresh food: Other fresh food such as milk, yoghurts and cooked meats can be kept on the top shelves of the fridge at temperatures just above freezing to maintain their flavor and quality. These foods will not always need to be cooked before eating, so it is even more important they are kept at safe temperatures.

Nowadays most fridges come with internal temperature controls to ensure that the temperature of your fridge remains constantly cold enough for the volume of food within. However, as with all kitchen appliances, fridges can occasionally becoming defective or faulty, especially if they are overcrowded with food. If you suspect this is the case it is handy to have a fridge thermometer on standby. Similarly, if you are unable to change an old or unreliable fridge (for example where the fridge is part of the inventory on a leased property) a fridge thermometer can monitor whether or not the fridge is working correctly.

Manual Bulb Thermometer for Fridges

Traditional, manual fridge thermometers work by putting small amounts of mercury or alcohol into a glass tube. The liquid expands when it is warm and shrinks when it gets colder. This means the liquid is pushed up or falls down the tube depending on the temperature. There is a scale on the tube, and you to read the temperature based on the height the liquid is at. Although pretty accurate, these thermometers are open to being misread, as you need to be at a height parallel with the thermometer and must round the number up or down depending on the scale.

Manual Spring Loaded Thermometer for Fridges

Spring loaded thermometers work similarly to bulb thermometers, except that it is a metal spring which expands or contracts with varying temperatures. The spring pushes a pointer left or right on a gauge. The scale on the gauge is often larger and easier to read than on a bulb thermometer but still leaves room for human error and requires you to be on the same level as the thermometer to ensure a more accurate reading. Spring thermometers also tend to be less accurate than bulb or digital thermometers.

Digital Thermometers for Fridges

Digital thermometers usually use mechanical devices called thermistors to calculate temperature and are much more accurate than manual, particularly spring loaded, thermometers leaving less room for human error as the numbers are presented in a clear and easy to read format and present a more exact temperature (usually to two decimal places). In order to avoid the thermometer being exposed to colder temperatures, digital thermometers usually sit outside the fridge and have a probe attached which can be placed within the fridge. This makes it easy to move if you think a particular shelf is much colder or warmer, if you need to reposition the contents of the fridge or just to lift the thermometer to eye height to read. The best digital thermometers include alarm systems which can warn you about large rises and falls in temperature that may cause damage to your food.

Fridge Thermometers for Businesses

If you run a business it is even more important that you regularly check the temperature of your fridges and cold areas. This should be done manually and in addition to any automatic chiller alarm systems already in place. Use a digital thermometer for accuracy and check the temperatures several times a day. Always ensure you are complying to company and industry policy regarding temperature checking and are observing regulations regarding other aspects of the cold chain (e.g. ensuring food is not kept out of cold-stores for more than an hour).

When you next buy a new domestic fridge, opt for one with an integrated fridge thermometer and invest in a good quality digital thermometer preferably with an alarm. This will ensure your food lasts as long as possible without causing possible health risks to yourself or your family. To view a range of fridge thermometers and other kitchen accessories available to buy online, please visit Barnitts Home and Garden at www.barnitts.co.uk.

Refrigerator Reviews

Here at Fridge Freezer site we strive to present a variety of fair and balanced refrigerator reviews to assist you – the consumer – with the best possible information in making wise appliance purchase choices.

We make it a point to discuss models at all points of the price spectrum, from cheap or discount refrigerators all the way up to the most expensive Sub Zero refrigerators. This breadth of coverage ensures that you will find a model suitable for you discussed in depth.

As well as the various price points, we attempt to explain the pros and cons of different styles of refrigerators.  We have articles about freezerless refrigerators, counter depth refrigerators, bar fridges and even chest freezers.

Along with this, we review different appliance configurations – ranging from low-end top mount freezer units, to bottom mount, side-by-side and even the premium French Door style refrigerator freezers that have recently gained popularity in the marketplace.

If you are seeking information about a certain manufacturer’s offerings and do not find them discussed on our site, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact page.  We will look to get a refrigerator review of their item written and published at the earliest possible opportunity.

Our goal is to serve the refrigerator buying public with the very best and most up to date refrigerator reviews to empower your refrigerated food storage purchases. Help us help you!


Whirlpool Refrigerator Plant to Close in Arkansas

Whirlpool has announced they will be closing their Refrigerator plant – located in Fort Smith, Arkansas – in 2012.  The closure of the plant – which manufactures side-by-side refrigerators will be followed by a move of part of the factories production to Mexico.

City and union officials say that the plant closure will result in the elimination of between 1000 and 1500 jobs from the Fort Smith Arkansas area. Members of the United Steelworkers Union – Local 370 – have pledged to do their utmost to convince Whirlpool to reverse the decision.

The  USW district director, J.M. Breaux is said to have offered to Whirlpool to address any problems and help to preserve the impacted jobs, but the company declined his offer.

Here at www.fridgefreezersite.com our thoughts go out to the impacted families, and we hope local efforts to save the plant are successful. We implore Whirlpool to work with the local community to resolve this situation in a mutually beneficial manner!

Viking Refrigerator – Prices Reviewed

Buying a Viking refrigerator freezer is a major dream for many homeowners.  Unfortunately, when shopping around Viking refrigerator prices are difficult to pin down.  In this article, I hope to answer some of the questions the typical buyer has about the cost of Viking fridge freezers.

Viking refrigerator reviews have a tendency to highlight the size of these appliances.  This is hardly surprising as some of them are an exceptional 48 inches in width, the type of refrigerator size that is going to support a whole lot of capacity. Let us look at the prices for these units first.

48″ Quiet Cool Side By Side Viking Refrigerators

The high end of the Viking fridge range consists of the professional series.  A great example of one of these models is the VISB548SS. This cabinet depth ‘Tru-Flush’ refrigerator is loaded with features, but does not come cheap.  You should expect to pay in the neighborhood of $8000 for one of these models.

Fans or colorful appliances have a great option with this particular model, as it can be had in a variety of different finishes apart from the default stainless steel.  These range from a pumpkin orange hue to a lemonade yellow; this wide range of color is great for fans of a retro look.

There are many other 48-inch Viking professional models available with an assortment of minor features added. These include the VCSB548D-SS, and the  lineup.  These range in price from $8000 to $11000.

The slightly cheaper VISB548X and VCSB548X lack door mounted water and ice dispensers – an oddity for such an expensive cooling appliance – but are an alternative that allows you to purchase for roughly $1000 less.  Quite a savings if you can live without that feature.

As well as the Professional models discussed above, Viking also offers some designer options.  The Viking Designer DFSB548D, DDSB548X and DDSB548DX lines sell for close to $9000, and they are clearly targeted at the very high-end consumer. Another option is the Designer FDSB548 panel ready model at $7800, but with additional charges for the custom panels.

42″ Built-In Side-by-Side Viking Refrigerators

The VISB542DX (integrated) and VCSB542DX  (built-in) American style refrigerator freezers are great options for kitchens that have insufficient floor space for the massive 48″ models.  At 42 inches in width, these units are priced between eight thousand and ten thousand dollars.

They are similarly equipped to the wider models, and also include the custom colors option for those who really want to create a splashy effect in their homes kitchen.  Note this option will set buyers back an extra thousand or two, but it is certainly a vibrant feature for those who value that type of thing.

The Viking Designer collection in the 42 inch width range category include the DDSB542DB for just over $8500, the DDSB542X for $7500, and attractive wood finished DFSB542D is priced at eight thousand dollars.

36″ Viking Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

With these slightly smaller refrigerators, Viking gives up on the side-by-side layout and opts for the bottom mount freezer configuration. This is an understandable choice, as things can get tight when side-by-sides are made to narrow.

The top-end Viking refrigerator of this type is the Professional VIBB536LX/VIBB536RX range.  These left hinge door/right hinge door swing models are priced at a little over $7000, but judicious shopping will enable you to find priced for a little less than that for the base models.

Note again, is you want the attractive custom colors with brass accent option you will have to pay for it.  At an extra $1500 it can push the cost of one of these units up to the eight thousand dollar price point.

The VIB models discussed above are integrated refrigerators. Buyers preferring the built-in look also have access to the VCBB536LX/VCBB536RX range at a similar price point.

For about $7200, the Designer DDBB536 bottom-freezer refrigerator collection is available at this refrigerator size point.  Alternatively, the panel ready Viking Designer DFBB536X starts at $6500.

Viking Mainstream Refrigerators

With a price point of $4000, the 36″ Viking Professional VCFF136DSS appears to target wealthy consumers who want the Viking brand but are not willing to pay for their more expensive models.

This particular counter-depth French Door refrigerator is somewhat similar to those produced by more mainstream brands in its feature set, but still offers the status of Viking for buyers who value it. Another option, similarly equipped but without water/ice dispensers in the door, is the VCFF136SS, which sells for a little over $3500.

Also in this category falls the Viking Professional Side by Size fridge freezer, the VCSF136DSS.  At $3700 the benefits of this model are debatable.  It does not look that much different to a high end Maytag of Whirlpool model, so you pay a lot for the brand name with this particular unit.

36″ Viking All-Refrigerators

When you are looking for a freezerless refrigerator option, this manufacturer has several offerings. First is the built-in VCRB536LX/VCRB536RX selection.  Prices for these models range from $6000 to $7000 dollars, depending on the finish chosen.

Again, this refrigerator without freezer lineup is also available with an integrated design for a similar price – these are the VIRB536LX and VIRB536RX models.

A cheaper option in this range is the Viking Professional DFRB536X.  While not as feature packed as their more expensive brethren, at a price point of roughly $5000 it is a more affordable Viking freezerless refrigerator option.

30″ Viking All-Refrigerators

Viking does not even bother with combination fridge freezers at this size point.  Clearly, they wish to maintain their reputation for spaciousness and not to try to cram too much into too small a footprint.

In a familiar pattern, these are available in both integrated (VCRB530LX/VCRB530RX) and built-in (VIRB530LX) models. While still very expensive, Viking refrigerator pricing for these units is slightly more affordable, with the entry-level unit retailing at just over $6200 – but sometimes being available for less than $6000 with Viking sales or the occasionally available Viking rebate.

At an even lower price, the Viking Professional DFRB530X – comparable to the DFRB536L/DFRB536R, but slightly smaller – also will set buyers back in the general vicinity of five thousand dollars.

Viking Refrigerator Prices

Clearly, Viking refrigerator pricing is relatively high, and thus they are not suitable for every buyer.  However, if you value what the brand offers, and have the finances to afford them, they are a great option.

Unlike Sub-Zero, Viking is a little less secretive about their pricing, but they do have strict control of sales.  Products must be purchased through an authorized dealer, and dealers serve strictly defined sales areas – for example, you cannot buy from a seller in California is you live in New York.  We do not sell Viking refrigerators direct here at www.fridgefreezersite.com.

Similarly to Sub-Zero, however, is the brand premium in the prices Viking charge.  This manufacturer has been very successful as positioning themselves as a premium brand in the minds of consumers.  When performing major kitchen renovations to take their home ‘up market’ many homeowners consider Viking refrigerators their best choice for improving their home in a manner that also increases the properties resale value.

Viking Refrigerator Parts and Repair

One important thing to keep in mind is that when you purchase a premium refrigerator brand like Viking you really should invest the time and money into properly maintaining it.  Have any repairs or maintenance performed by your dealer, rather than having an unaffiliated third party work on your Viking refrigerator.

By doing so you will accomplish a couple of important items; firstly, you will avoid invalidating the warranty, and secondly, you will ensure that any work done is of good quality. Also, be sure to only use – or have the maintenance man use – genuine Viking refrigerator parts.  It makes very little sense to go cheap on replacement parts such as water filters.

When buying a premium brand refrigerator, you should be prepared to pay a little extra for authentic parts and quality maintenance work. If you enjoyed this article be sure to visit this page  on Viking appliances for more.


Siemens Appliances

Siemens is a German company that while famous for many things, also makes home appliances. Siemens is well known company for its kitchen appliances, and is one the best-ranked manufacturers in this field due to its engineering expertise.

This great firm has over 160 years of experience in manufacturing. Siemens appliances are built according to the needs of customers, and are carefully built to the highest standards.  They carefully test each product to ensure high quality. Siemens appliances have a reputation for being long lasting, and they are considered by many to be one of the best brands.

Siemens manufacture cooking appliances, dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerators, freezers, etc… They were also manufacturing mobile appliances but they exited that business in 2005. Siemens appliances are part of the BSH group of companies, which includes Neff and Bosch. There are some factors that lead to appliances such as Siemens refrigerator reviews being quite positive, they include:

  • Experience – over 160 years
  • Testing – products are quality tested
  • Great Designs – easy to use models
  • Energy Efficient – designed to limit current draw and save electricity
  • Cooking expertise – produce quality ovens, cooker hoods, microwave oven and warming drawers.
  • Cooling appliances – Siemens refrigerators and fridge freezers are known for their high quality.
  • Dish washing appliances – production of reliable dishwashers that provide an excellent wash.
  • Washing appliances – wide range of washing machine, washer dryers and tumble driers.

With this wide range of Siemens appliances in production, it is quite possible to fully equip a home solely with branded appliances from Siemens.


Whirlpool Water Filters – 4396710 and 4396841

The 4396710 and 4396841 Whirlpool water filters are used in a variety of different fridge freezers from several manufacturers.  These filters should be change out every six months or so in order to maintain the quality of the water that is dispensed from your kitchens refrigerator.

These models of refrigerator water filter fits a large variety of refrigerators from Kenmore, KitchenAid, Amana, Maytag, Viking and of course Whirlpool. It is ANSI/NSF certified to standards 42 & 53 for the reduction of a variety of contaminants.

Click here to buy 4396710 Water Filters!

The Whirlpool 4396710 Water filter boasts a 97% reduction in Chlorine, 99.7% reduction in Class I Particulates, and also greatly reduces the quantity of Lead, Mercury and Absestos.  The Whirlpool 4396710 readily replaces the existing water filter in any of the following refrigerator models:

  • KSBP23INSS00, KSBS23INBT01, KSBS25INSS01, and others.

And for any of the following filter numbers:

  • 4396710, 4396710B, 4396711, 4396710P PUR Ultimate
  • 9020, 9030, 46-9020, 46-9030, 469020, 469030
  • T1RFWB2, T1WB2, T1WB2L, T1RFKB1, T1KB1, T1KB2, T1RFKB2
  • 2260538, 2260515, 2260538
  • W10121145

If you own one of the refrigerators/water filters listed above then you need the 4396710 replacement water filter.

Click here to buy 4396841 Water Filters!

Another commonly used Whirlpool water filter is the 4396841.  The Whirlpool 4396841 is used in a variety of refrigerators that feature PUR Measure or Fast Fill functionality.  The Whirlpool 4396841 will replace any of the following water filter models:

  • Whirlpool 4396841B
  • Whirlpool 2305267/Whirlpool 2305222
  • Whirlpool 95357630
  • Whirlpool T2RFWG2/T2WG2/T2WG2L/T1WG2/T1WG2L
  • Whirlpool P2RFWG2
  • Viking RWFFRSXS
  • KitchenAid 4396842/43967842B
  • W10193691

Buy some extra 4396841 water filters today if you currently use one of these filters in your refrigerator. No matter which model your fridge freezer needs, I recommend that you buy a combo pack so you will have spares on hand six months down the road when it is time to replace the part.



Sub Zero Water Filters – 7005017 or 4204490?

Sub zero water filters should be regularly replaced to ensure an unimpaired supply of pure water and ice from your Sub-Zero refrigerators dispensers.

To determine the appropriate Subzero refrigerator water filter for your fridge freezer you first need to determine your Sub zero model or serial numbers.  These can easily be found by referencing your refrigerators rating plate.

Click here to buy Sub-Zero 7005017 Water Filter!

For Sub-Zero fridge freezers with a model serial number below 4116297 you will need to purchase a Sub-Zero 7005017 Microbiological water filter. This unit greatly reduces water contaminants – including pollutants, bacteria and viruses – while ensuring the water dispensed tastes fresh. One of these filters will last between 6 to 12 months, depending on the intensity of your water usage.

If you live in a rural area and have very poor quality water, you may opt for the Subzero 7009931.  This is compatible with the 7005017 but is a carbon block filter capable of withstanding harsh conditions without blocking.

Click here to buy Sub-Zero 4204490 Water Filter!

If your Subzero refrigerator has a serial number 4134314 (or you own the Sub-Zero PRO48) then you will want to periodically replace your water filter with the Sub-Zero 4204490.  This filtration cartridge works with most modern Sub Zero appliances, and has an operational lifespan of up to 12 months before requiring replacement.

If you own a high quality Sub Zero refrigerator it is only good sense to keep all your parts in order.  Regular replacement of your Sub Zero water filter is a critical part of keeping your fridge freezer in proper operating condition.

I recommend you check out this article for information on other Subzero parts.




Refrigerator Pickles – A Quick and Easy Idea

Refrigerator pickles are pickles that are made by immersing them in seasoning and straightaway refrigerating them. Unlike sour pickles – which are fermented – they are relatively easy to make for do it yourselfers.

The first thing to consider if you are going to prepare a refrigerator pickle batch is the seasonings you will use.  The flavor of your pickles will in large part depend on the seasoning, so it is an important factor in the recipe.

Fridge pickles do not have the properties of canned pickles that make them last forever.  They must be kept in your refrigerator rather than sitting out at room temperature.  While you lose the preservative effect with pickles prepared this way, you do gain an extra crispness to your pickles that many people favor.

While traditionally fridge pickles have been a great way to use leftover cucumbers, many modern chefs used them for all sort of vegetables.  Carrot pickles, onion pickles, beet pickles – almost anything is possible!

You do not need to prepare refrigerator pickles in bulk.  Even if you only have a couple of spare cucumbers, you can easily slice them up, place them in a jar with seasoning, and sit them in the fridge. If it helps think of yourself as brining or marinating the cucumber, rather than pickling; that sounds less intimidating and is probably a more accurate description of the process.



Maytag Refrigerator Water Filters – Which To Buy

If you are seeking quality and dependable water filters that will fit in to many refrigerator models, Maytag refrigerator water filters top the list of available products. This company has been providing water filters of the highest quality for many years. They have received positive comments not only from the customers who use these water filters, but also from the manufacturers of refrigerators other than the Maytag Brand.

Some of the popular models that have been well received include the Maytag Refrigerator water filter UKF 7003 and the UKF 8001 models. The Maytag UKF 7003 was previously known by the model number UKF7003AXX. The water filtration system that is used by this model is PUR. This water filter is a perfect fit for many Maytag and Jenn-Air refrigerators.

This particular model has the capability to remove a number of impurities such as Lead, Cysts, Turbidity, Chlorine and particulates. With respect to Cysts, this particular model has the capability to remove up to 99.95% of Cyst impurities. With regard to Chlorine, this model is capable of removing 75.  The UKF7003 AXX has been tested and Certified by NSF according to ANSI standards.

Fridge freezer owners should replace this water filter a new one after using the old one for 6 months. Customers who have been using the UKF 7003 model have given extremely positive feedback regarding the quality of water, the taste of the water dispensed and the ease at which the filter replacement can be done. These water filter reviews suggest it is a good buy for the average homeowner.

Another Maytag water filter that has been receiving positive feedback from users is the Maytag UKF 8001. This water filter is slightly different from the 7003 model in the way the filter is installed in the refrigerator. The filter model 8001 is actually fastened to a trough in the ceiling of the fridge. When replacing the filter, the filter swings down from the refrigerator ceiling.

The Maytag UKF8001 has the capability to remove more impurities than the model 7003. Some of the impurities that are removed by this model include Lead, Mercury, Asbestos, Cysts, Benzene, Lindane, Toxaphene, Chlorine, Turbidity and various particulates.

This model of the refrigerator filter can be used for 6 to 9 months before it should be replaced. This is one of the very few filters that filter most of the impurities that are present in water as well as in other liquids such as Coffee and Tea. This model is also very easy to install and maintain over a longer period of time.

Tesco Fridge Freezers – The European Option

A Tesco fridge freezer is an indispensable item for business owners running retail stores that sell perishable products like frozen dairy products, soft drinks and sandwiches.  They serve an important role in increasing the shelf life of dairy and non-dairy food products alike.

There are a number of Fridge Freezer providers active in the market place, but one of the best European suppliers is Tesco. The retail giant Tesco has been providing quality Fridge Freezers over the years at unbelievable price. Their line arm, Tesco Direct, now provides customers – both commercial and residential – to shop for great deals on cheap refrigerators directly on this retailer’s website without ever visiting a high street store.

Not surprisingly, Tesco offers all sorts of different refrigerator freezer models. You can buy a fridge freezer with the freezer at the bottom, a fridge freezer with freezer at the top, or even an American style side-by-side fridge freezer.  Also available is a selection of chest freezers, undercounter refrigerators, and even tall larder freezers.

Tesco probably sells the most number of fridges with bottom freezers; they sell some of the top refrigerator brands. These include Hotpoint, Beko, Indesit, Fridgemaster, Caple and Frigidaire; collectively some of the best refrigerator brands available. Tesco provides amazing offers on some of the top brands such as Hot Point; by opting for the club card, savings potential are increased, as club card holders can accumulate points for the purchases they make in Tesco.

In the bottom mount freezer Hotpoint FF4DX, the top compartment has a capacity of 300 liters for storing fresh food while the bottom compartment has a capacity of 110 liters for storing frozen products.   For top mounts the refrigerator review for the Whirlpool selection are excellent.

With respect to the side-by-side fridge freezers Tesco supplies offers quality brands including Whirlpool and Bosch. The storage volume of the refrigerated compartment can go up to 320 liters, and the capacity of the freezer up to 120 liters; offering ample storage for hungry families.

With its large selection, Tesco offers wide range of the best fridge brands available at discount prices.  They are a great option – either online or in store – for anyone planning their next fridge freezer purchase.