12V Refrigerator – A Great Convenience

A new 12v refrigerator can help keep your drinks cold while cruising down the road. If off roading is what you are into, then a 12v fridge can help keep a cold beverage in reserve when thirst calls. There are certain things that need to be considered before you purchase a 12v fridge. This article will inform you of these important factors in deciding which fridge to buy.

The first thing to consider is which cooling system to use; there two types of cooling systems that refrigerators utilize, an Absorption refrigeration and compression refrigeration. There are pros and cons for each system.

Refrigerators that use absorption technology have the capability of gas powered operation. A three way fridge that can run on 12v DC, AC, and Liquid propane gas use an absorption cooling system. If you want the flexibility of potentially having an additional power source to power your fridge, than an absorption refrigerator is what you are looking for. However, to take advantage of a LPG powered refrigerator it is best using the unit in recreational vehicles where there is a location for a LPG tank. Absorption fridges that are running on a 12v car battery should not be left on after the vehicle is turned off; it can quickly run the car battery down.

If you just want a 12 Volt refrigerator to run only on DC power, than a compression cooling system will be a better choice. Compression cooled fridge will use considerable less energy than the absorption cooled unit. This will help keep a typical car’s electrical system from becoming over taxed. Compression fridges can only run from 12v DC or AC; most portable fridges come with an AC power adapter. The low power consumption fridges also allow for the direct use of solar panels to power the unit. This allows for continuous use all day long. This unit can also be left on for a few hours with the car ignition off before the battery suffers a significant drain in power. Unfortunately, compression models can cost significantly more than the absorption models.

The Koolatron KWC-4 6-Can Mini Fridge is one of many cheap 12V refrigerators that can keep a six-pack of cokes cool. The inside of the fridge can stay 40 degrees below outside temperatures. Make sure to get a model with good reviews; a cheap model that does not work is the worst deal of all. The 12v Danfoss compressor refrigerator is known for being a well-built fridge.

If you are looking for a 12v freezer, then a compressor unit is what you need. An absorption fridge cannot sustain freezing temperatures; therefore, is a poor choice for a freezer. The compressor fridges are capable of consistent temperatures below freezing.

12 Volt refrigerators are perfect for those occasions when a cold beverage can be hard to come by. Whether it is a fishing trip, or perhaps on a joyride around a secluded area of the state, a portable cooler can help bring a convenience of home to the outdoors.


One thought on “12V Refrigerator – A Great Convenience

  1. Max

    I have purchased my first new 210 ltr 12/24v fridge/freezer unit.
    This being my first 12v fridge, im not to sure of what to expect from it.
    The freezer seems to work incredibly well… But the fridge area takes forever to cool.
    Are you aware if this is normal.

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