Chillers from McQuay International

McQuay international is a member of the Daikin group, and is well known for its selection of chillers.

McQuay water-cooled chillers are available with a variety of compressor types, and are suitable for any budget and application.  Their chiller sizes start as small as 30 tons – 35 kW – and range as large as 2700 – 9450 kW. Rely on efficient, reliable and silent McQuay chillers for your job.

The large Dual Compressor Centrifugal chiller ranges in capacity from 400-2700 tons.  They offer substantial installation savings as they basically provide commercial customers with two chillers in one.  By utilizing positive pressure R-134a refrigerant, this hardware requires much less install space than comparable R-123 dependent designs.

On the small end, a McQuay Scroll compressor is ideal when your needs range between the 30 and 200 ton range.  These units are small enough that a 130-ton model can be taken inside through a standard door, which proves very hand for interior installs.  Operating as low as 72dbA, these units also have the lack of noise necessary for indoors operation.  As well as this, they have the advantages of modern R-410A refrigerant, which will never require retrofitting due to phase-out schedules.

In between these two models is the McQuay Single Compressor Centrifugal.  With output between 200 and 125 tons – depending on model chosen – this is a good midrange selection  This range features unparalleled tonnage per square foot, which is ideal for optimizing usage of your equipment room. Also includes are variable speed drives which provide partial load efficiencies during operation. McQuay also offers Air Cooled Chillers. The Daikin McQuay Pathfinder chiller is noted for its innovative screw chiller design. With a capacity of 550 tons, it features the RapidRestore option allowing for quick restarts after brief power outages ; the compressor can fire back up in as little as 30 seconds.  Available with three different efficiency levels – premium, high or standard – buyers can choose variable frequency drives, which allow lower energy usage when the cooler is operated at partial load.

As well as coolers, McQuay offers many other related products.  They also deal in Air Handlers – both indoor and outdoor models, condensers, and water source heat pumps.  Also worthy of note, for those in earthquake prone areas, is that many items in the McQuay equipment line have been granted IBC seismic qualifications by the International code council.



West Marine – A Reputable Retailer For All Your Boating Needs

West Marine is best described by its mission statement “to be the best supplier of boating-related products and services that provide outstanding value to every Customer”. With its commitment to always providing the most outstanding customer care service, customers of West Marine have long regarded the company as exceptional and the rewards to the firm have been great.

While now one of the largest supply retailers in boating, the original firm was created in a garage in Sunnyvale, California. Randy Repass, the founder and chairman chose his passion and love of boating over his then job at a Silicon Valley technology firm. In 1968 nylon tope by mail order was one of the first services provided and carried the name West Coast Ropes.

The opportunity then presented itself to improve shopping for boating supplies and 1975 Mr. Repass was led to open the first ever West Coast Ropes store. This establishment not only supplied the famous quality rope they were already well known form, but also stocked the basic supplies needed for boating, which included anchors and fenders.

The variety of items stocked at the store improved as more and more customers discovered West Marine over time. The name West Marine was introduced to the public in 1977 when the company acquired some assets from the Boston-based West Products, the new name reflecting the expansion in its business.

A wholesale division of West Marine was introduced in 1978 called Port Supply, as this allowed the sale of the various products directly to boat yards, charter fleets, government accounts and boat dealers. The years 1991 and 1993 respectively are memorable to West Marine for not only did it open the first stores on the East Coast in Miami and Annapolis but also expanded to Florida, Virginia and New York – amongst other places.

Furthermore, the company went public on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol of WMAR. West Marine went on to form a merger with one of its most respected competitors – E&B marine – as both had the same target customers. This merger combined the individual strengths of the two companies into a one stop-shopping destination for boating supplies.

West Marine marked yet another remarkable and historic milestone in 2003 when it acquired the retail and catalog divisions of its long-time competitor Boat U.S.  Mr. Repass proudly stated that the two companies shared a foundation that was built on knowledge and a customer first attitude, and were therefore perfect fit.

Now with over Three Hundred (300) stores in thirty-eight (38) states, Puerto Rico and Canada West Marine now carries more than Fifty Thousand (50,000) products.  These range from the rope that was sold from its inception, all the way up to the latest in the marine electronics industry.  They even carry boating fridges such as the Engel refrigerator lineup.

In addition to its retail stores and Port Supply wholesale divisions, the company now serves boaters in excess of One Hundred and Fifty (150) countries worldwide through its mail order service and Internet marketing divisions.

West Marine is heavily relied upon for its superb customer service, selection and quality all of which has always been its anchor.  Shoppers for boating goods can rest assured they are a retailer that can be relied upon.


Queen City Appliance

Queen City is a chain of appliance stores located throughout North Carolina, which has also expanded into South Carolina.

Founded in the early 1950s as the Queen City Television Service company in Charlotte, NC; the founder Woody Player soon saw the potential of this new industry, and soon expanded into the realm of television sales.

In the 1960s Mr. Player expanded the business into appliance sales, today selling a range of brands such as GE, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Maytag, SubZero and Wolf – to name but a few.  With appliance offerings including refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers and washing machines, they have become a one-stop shop for Carolina shoppers looking to equip their houses with the latest and greatest white goods.

The late 1960’s also saw the expansion of the business from the original Charlotte location.  Today there are queen City appliance stores to be found in Monroe, Mooresville, Salisbury and Morganton.  In addition, they feature a builder’s showroom on Queen City Drive in Charlotte.

Recent innovations at Queen City have been design centers highlighting full working kitchens, which provide clients a lifelike full immersion experience when shopping for their new kitchen furnishing.

Now offering not only appliances, Queen City stores are well regarded across the Carolina’s for their wide selection of electronic solutions, including the best in home audio and video equipment.  Shoppers seeking a full high-end audio setup can find a great selection of receivers and speakers from manufacturers such as Klipsch, Sony and Polk.

If you live in – or near – the Carolinas, a visit to Queen City Appliances is well worth your time the next time you are in the market for Audio, Video or Appliances.



Sub Zero Wolf E Series Wall Ovens

Wolfs most recent product offering (circa 2012) is there stunning black glass E series wall ovens. These appliances are being released in both double and single oven models, making them ideal for almost any installation.

All model types in the E Series oven range feature dual convection fans along with a generous 10 different cooking modes.  Install for these appliances is very classy, as the built in design ensures the ovens front is flush with the surrounding wooden cabinetry, providing a truly integrated visually appealing look.  If you have a Sub Zero integrated refrigerator, these new Wolf ovens are a perfect match.

The SO30-2F/S, SO30-2U/S and SO30-2G/B collection of single ovens weigh in at 270 pounds – so installation is definitely not a do it yourself job.  If you opt for the double ovens – DO30-2F/S, DO30-2U/S or DO30-2G/B then you are talking 460 pounds of heavy duty cooking appliance.

Amongst the cooking modes offered with these Wolf ovens are the traditional – roast, broil, bake – more modern – convection roast, convection broil, convection back – and unique.  With an optional accessory, these stoves also offer a bake stone cook mode, dehydrate, and also proof.  The convection modes are very popular, as they make use of air movement inside the oven – and around the food – to speed up cooking; convection heating also encourages browning of the food, something very desirable when you are roasting a chicken (for example).

The interior of the oven is lovely and easily maintained Cobalt blue porcelain, and they feature a healthy selection of adjustable oven racks.  Halogen lighting enables easy monitoring of the contents of the oven through the large double paned viewing window (or windows in the case of the dual oven models).

As you would expect from a manufacturer of Wolfs’ standing, features such as delayed start, self-clean and Sabbath mode are all included standard. Not only this, but the door hinges are designed with balance in mind to ensure easy opening and closing of the oven doors.

Pricing for these units is not cheap, and you will need to contact a dealer once they are released to get an exact quote.   For examples of the types of prices Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances generally go for read this article.

Wolf is famed for its high quality cooking appliances, and these new E-Series wall ovens are sure to further establish this manufacturer as one of the leaders in premium cooking solutions.



Mini Ice Cube Trays

If you are looking for a great alternative to expensive machines for making ice nuggets, this 60 Mini Cube Plastic Ice Tray may be ideal for you.

With a capacity of up to 60 small nuggets of ice, it is the ideal budget solution for making ice pellets. These units can be picked up for only a few dollars at Amazon, and if you purchase three of four you will have enough to chill drinks for a large party.

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The small cubes created by this budget ice tray can even be placed into a decent blender if you are mixing up a cold drink. If you have ever tried blending full sized ice-cube you will know that it is not something that every blender can handle.

Refrigerator Review Considerations

When it comes time to buy a new fridge freezer for your home, it is important to thoroughly review refrigerators you are contemplating for purchase.  You cannot simply go out and buy the first refrigeration option you see in stores, there are many factors to be considered first. Something as simple as buying too large a fridge could mean it doesn’t fit in your kitchen!  Here I list a brief checklist of some the more important items to consider.

Refrigerator Size

How large is the refrigerator you are looking at?  The first factor to consider is if you will be able to fit it into your home and your kitchen.  A full set of measurements of the desired install space should be collected before going refrigerator shopping.

Also, take note of any access restrictions that might cause issues during delivery.  Is your hallway narrow? Are there tight stairwells between the street and your apartment?  While have a large fridge freezer is great, they are of no use if they cannot fit into your home.

Ratio of Fridge to Freezer Space

Analyze your current refrigeration solution.  Where do you currently find yourself space constrained?  Is your freezer always full, but your refrigerator half empty?  This suggests you need to purchase a replacement model that has a larger proportion of freezer versus refrigerator space than your current model.

If you purchase – or hunt for – bulk meat then a large freezer is going to be critical for you.  If your diet consists largely of fresh produce, then the freezer may not be important to you. You will instead be interested in generously sized vegetable crispers.

Refrigerator Configuration

Stylistic preferences also come into play.  Some people are happy with the traditional top freezer mounted devices, while others will accept nothing than the latest trend of French Door Style fridge freezers.

Do you prefer the freezer at the top or the bottom of the fridge?  Do you prefer them to be side-by-side?  What about color and finish?  There are options available in white, black, stainless steel and more.

Refrigerator Freezer Functionality

All fridges work a little differently.  Before buying a new appliance, take some time to check out the controls.  Is the thermostat easily accessible and easy to adjust? If not, consider if that matters to you.

Many modern – and more expensive – refrigerators have multiple temperature zones that claim to help preserve foods better.  Do useful sounding features like this sound beneficial to you? If so, they may be worth looking for.

Refrigerator Energy Usage

Often overlooked is the energy usage of a modern refrigerator. While a not more efficient than fridge freezers of old, they still do consume quite a bit of electricity.  Investing in an Energy Star rated model can help reduce the operating cost of your unit over the years that you will own it.

Refrigerator Pricing

Of course, no refrigerator review would be complete without factoring in the units cost.  Sometimes a particular model may seem great for you, but it is just too expensive to be a rational purchase.

However, do not be tempted to compromise on must have functionality simply to save a few dollars on a cheap refrigerator.  It is important to take the price of the unit into account with the other factors discussed above, and not focus solely on the dollar number.


Looking for the Best Ice Cream Freezers?

An ice cream freezer is a very popular appliance, but there is often a little bit of confusion when shopping for them as more than one type of appliance might be called this.  Part of the reason for this is that many people refer to an ice cream maker or an ice cream machine as being the same thing as an ice cream freezer.  While the first two certainly have a part of the machine that acts like a freezer (otherwise they wouldn’t be able to make ice cream at all), normally when someone is thinking about an ice cream freezer you’re talking about a business appliance for an ice cream truck, convenience store, or ice cream shop.  However technically the freezer that helps produce soft serve ice cream can also be referred to as an ice cream freezer, so this article will cover both common types.

The commercial display ice cream freezers

These are the kind that many people are used to seeing.  These are box freezers specifically designed to hold ice cream and other frozen products, and include glass tops to allow customers to see what’s inside.  These are very common in convenience stores, gas stations, and ice cream stores.  Several different styles are also offered depending on the specific needs of the retailer.  For example, in a convenience store normally the freezer will be a simple rectangular box model with sliding doors at the top which allows a customer to see what they want, then open those doors and grab whatever tickles their fancy.

On the other hand, the kind you see in an ice cream store like a Cold Stone’s or a Baskin Robins are going to be different.  These will be set up in a similar way, but with an additional glass shield so customers can see what is on offer, but then the worker behind the counter is the one who has to scoop out the ice cream from their side.  There are even some ice cream stores that may have both types of freezers on hand and many different businesses find these useful.

Soft serve ice cream freezers

One way to think about this type of ice cream freezer is to imagine it as more of an ice cream maker slash ice cream freezer.  These machines are very commonly seen in ice cream stores as well, and even in general restaurants who also serve ice cream.  These freezers are generally silver in appearance and look like a long rectangle shape.  The ingredients are mixed in the back, the freezer does its work, and soft serve ice cream ends up being the result.  These sometimes appear as much larger “bulk freezers” where a lot of ice cream can be mixed at once.  This is a common practice for ice cream shops or stores that specialize in blizzards, flavored ice cream, or any other type of set up where a lot of vanilla has flavors and additions added in to create the complete project.  These can come in very small sizes or in very large sizes, depending on the specific need of the business.

Other types of ice cream freezers

Most of the other ice cream freezers are one variety or the other of those two types, and can include the large shelved units you see in grocery stores that sell ice cream, although those are usually just referred to as large or walk in display freezers and not specifically as ice cream freezers.

For large display ice cream freezers the prices can start as low as $1,300 and run as high as $12,000 for the newer and most top of the line models, while the smaller ice cream freezers that also provide soft serve ice cream often start up around $4,500 and can go upwards of $16,000 or even higher.

Admiral Refrigerators: What's the History Behind the Brand?

Admiral Refrigerators enjoy a strong and devout following of consumers who have stood by this brand over the decades as they produced many quality refrigerators.  Many of these consumers might be interested to know that fridges were a later addition to the Admiral line and that this company actually started out producing radios in the 1930s.  This brand has a long history and one that is interesting.  It helps explain the movement to where these appliances are in the modern day, and why entire sites are dedicated to selling replacement parts for Admiral Refrigerators.

A Brief History
In the 1930s the Admiral Company was known as one of the largest producers of electronics, which in those days meant radios and phonographs.  Sales were a stunning $2 million a year back in those days, and the Admiral brand produced radio and electronic equipment for the United States military during World War II.

The 1950s would be a decade which ushered in a major era of change, and as the invention of television really began to catch on Admiral was there as a major early producer of the black and white TV sets.  It was actually this success of early TV sales which convinced the executives of the company to expand into other household appliances.

This is why the 1950s became the decade when Admiral Refrigerators were first produced.  Since that time, the Admiral line has changed many hands and moved through many different sponsors.  Rockwell International bought the line in 1973 and sold the appliance section to Magic Chef, which then was sold to Maytag.  Maytag was eventually bought out by Whirlpool and now the Admiral line of appliances is only featured in Home Depot stores.

Finding Parts
Since the full sized Admiral line is only offered by Home Depot, finding parts for older models becomes even more important since there are not a wide variety of stores to choose from.  Because of this, using online sources is one of the best ways to find replacement parts for Admiral Refrigerators ranging from light bulbs to actual cooling motors.  The demand is high enough from loyal consumers who want to continue to use their old reliable Admiral model fridges that there are many sites dedicated to collecting and selling various parts for these models.

While there are other options, this is the best way to price shop for various parts, and to keep a high quality model of refrigerator running.  The Admiral line has a long and interesting history, and there’s no reason not to keep a good appliance running.

Dacor Refrigerator Ranges and Kitchen Styles

When it comes to choosing Dacor Refrigerator Ranges, the question is all about the style.  Dacor is a little unusual in that they create designs for both the actual refrigerators as well as the oven ranges in a kitchen to make sure that the whole kitchen set up matches.  Because of this, often times when someone looks to buy a kitchen set up from Dacor, it comes with at least a fridge and a range.  Beyond these combos, it’s all about the style.  There are five major styles commonly offered by Dacor, which can vary greatly.  If you want to know all about what this company can offer, then you need to learn about dacor, distinctive, epicure, integrated, and millennia styles.

Dacor Style
This style is the basic standard that comes with the Dacor company, and the early Dacor Refrigerator ranges are energy star efficient and come with a stainless steel appearance.  There is an external ice and water dispenser, and this style displays a double door fridge style on top with the freezer on the bottom.  The shelves on both doors are more than big enough to store liters of soda or other large containers.

Distinctive Dacor Style
The distinctive style of refrigerator range set ups not only include these two appliances, but also microwaves, cook tops, and wall ovens all in matching stainless steel design.  There are even dishwashers offered in the matching Dacor style.  If you’re looking for a complete kitchen aesthetic set up then the distinctive Dacor style of fridges, ranges, and other appliances might work perfectly for you.

Epicure Dacor Style
There are three different types of refrigerators offered in the epicure style offered by Dacor, and that’s not even including the wine cooler or beverage cooler.  A 36 inch French Door style comes in both stainless steel and black while the 48 inch built in refrigerators follow the stainless steel aesthetic.  Epicure style Dacor fridges emphasizes stainless steel building with chrome, copper, and brass accentuation.  The company describes the epicure style as emphasizing bold lines and elegant curves in their design.

Integrated Dacor Style
The integrated style offered by Dacor emphasizes custom paneling to allow all the ordered kitchen appliances to fit in with any kitchen by blending in nicely as opposed to sticking out.  For a wood based kitchen, this would mean wood paneling on the fridge, the warming drawers, or even a dish washer.  The refrigerators following the integrated style come in both 42 and 48 inches.  These also come with electronic controls which allow for easy access to coolness settings and monitoring.

Millennia Dacor Style
The Millennia Dacor style refrigerators emphasize stainless steel background off set aesthetically with black glass panel for additional beauty.  The idea here is to have a modern design without the coldness that some people complain about with many modern designs and set ups.  The Millennia style perhaps offers the most options with fridges, wall ovens, ranges, cooktops, warming drawers, microwaves, and ventilation all offered in this style.  An entire dream kitchen can be created all following the Millennia style by Dacor, which makes it an attractive choice among many consumers.  The refrigerators themselves are 36 inch models in the vertical standing style, with the freezer at the bottom.  These fridges also boast “intelligent drawer storage” meaning that different drawers can be set to different levels of humidity and temperature to be ideal for whatever food is being stored.

In Conclusion
When it comes to Dacor refrigerators, ranges, or other household appliances, there’s no question at the high level of quality being offered.  Even knowing that, consumers need that information on the various styles available in order to make the best decision for their home.