Refrigerator Reviews – Different Types

A good refrigerator is an essential cornerstone of the 21st century kitchen.  Without a well reviewed refrigerator freezer a home simply does not have the ability to preserve highly perishable foodstuffs for an extended length of time.

When you aim to purchase the best refrigerators is it important to purchase one that gets good reviews, and is of the best refrigerator brand and type for your homes needs. In this article, I review some of the different types of fridge freezers available in the marketplace.

Freezerless Refrigerator Review

If your needs are just for refrigeration – with no requirements for freezing – then you can opt for freezerless refrigerators.  These appliances are rated well for a variety of uses.  While most common in the commercial arena, they are also frequently found in residential kitchens.

There are models available from a wide variety of manufacturers including Whirlpool, Electrolux and Maytag.  A good place to get the best refrigerator reviews for the different models is to check the user reviews posted on online retailers websites.

Counter Depth Refrigerator Reviews

Ideal for those who are appearance sensitive, counter depth fridge freezers are designed so that they do not protrude out past your kitchens cabinetry.  This usually means these refrigerators are only about two feet deep.

This tends to mean that these models are slightly smaller in capacity than traditional full sized refrigerators.  However, they do tend to look a lot more stylish than competitive models. Popular manufacturers include Kenmore, KitchenAid and Frigidaire; the well regarded GE Monogram refrigerator selection is also one of the best refrigerator brands.

Under Counter Refrigerator Reviews

Designed for space constrained kitchens, the under counter refrigerator is installed beneath your kitchens countertops.  These models are well regarded by homeowners who value their counter top space over refrigeration capacity.

Popular with the physically impaired, these fridges are easily accessed from a wheelchair. Generally, they have a similar size – and installation procedure – to a residential dishwasher.

Models from firms such as Summit, SubZero and U-line are frequently used as supplementary refrigerated storage beyond a kitchens main fridge freezer.

Wine Cooler Refrigerator Reviews

Designed for long-term wine storage, wine coolers allow bottles of wine to be stored under the ideal humidity, temperature and lighting conditions.  This is a valuable ability for collectors of wine.

Sunpentown, VinoTemp and EdgeStar all provide well-reviewed refrigerators of this type.

Retro Refrigerator Reviews

Admirers of classical and vintage looks will appreciate the look of retro vintage style fridge freezers.  Bright colored appliances have a lot of appeal amongst homeowners who enjoy the look of decades gone by.

Without a doubt, the leading manufacturer in this field is the firm that makes Smeg refrigerator units.  Alternatively, buyers can look at used refrigerators – for the authentic vintage refrigerator experience – but will find these are very inefficient devices.

Portable Fridge Reviews

There is also a large selection of portable refrigerators available in stores.  These are available for a wide variety of different applications outlined below.

12v refrigerators are popular for camping and use as car refrigerators.  Propane refrigerators are good for use as off-grid refrigeration appliances, and are sometimes used as RV fridges.

Three way fridges allow mains power, 12 volt DC and LPG to be used to operate the device depending on the circumstances under which it is used.

No matter what type of fridge freezer you require, in 2012 refrigerator reviews should be taken into account when planning a purchase.