Subzero Prices – Big Numbers For Great Refrigerators

Anyone who ever finds himself or herself in the market for a Sub-Zero refrigerator eventually has the need to research Subzero prices.  Unlike most kitchen appliances, finding this information is not as simple as simply going to an online retailer’s website; some additional effort is required.

Sub Zero is a firm that is very proud of the products it manufactures.  They have good reason for this, as they are amongst the most well regarded models in the marketplace.  When someone buys a Sub-Zero fridge freezer there is a certain amount of status and prestige associated with the purchase, as they are considered by many to be one of the best refrigerator brands.

Subzero does their best to encourage this by maintaining an air of mystique about their products.  A key facet of this marketing strategy is a prohibition of publication of their prices online by their dealers.

Dealers for their refrigerators are subject to strict conditions about how they advertise the products, and the prices for which they sell them.  Any violation can potentially result in an appliance store losing the coveted ‘Subzero authorized dealer’ status, and thus losing this lineup of Sub zero fridge products from their stock.

What all this means for potential consumers is that the best way to get Sub-zero prices is to simply locate a local dealer on the Sub Zero website, and then visit the store.  As a buyer you get to see the benefits of their products in person, and the dealer gets the chance to complete a sale with you right there on the spot!

Of course, what you really want is to know prices without having to go to the store. Let me give you some examples.  The Subzero PRO48 – the jewel of their residential refrigeration line – sells for well over $10000 dollars; this is a huge sum of money, but do not even think about haggling; this is not an option the dealers have.

More modest units such as the Subzero BI-36R built in refrigerator will still set buyers back over $5000.  Clearly, those contemplating a purchase from Subzero you will need to have some serious dollars at your disposal!

All that said however, Subzero is very difficult to beat when it comes to those whom have large amounts of money to spend.  Some consumers believe Viking gives them a run for their money however, as Viking also offers stoves and ovens.  Refrigerator reviews for these products are often quite positive. Subzero however, is a partner of Wolf, a leading oven manufacturer – so they can definitely compete on that front too.

There is no arguing that Subzero prices are very high, but they do make great refrigeration products that any homeowner would be proud to own.