Undercounter Refrigerator

Many homeowners find that they require a second refrigerator in their house. Instead of purchasing another full size fridge, it is often better to buy a smaller under counter refrigerator. The more compact undercounter refrigeration units are popular because they do not take up much room, and they can easily fit the design style of modern kitchens.

Quite often these under counter refrigeration units will feature caster drawers. These fridges can fit a space the size of a built in dish washer. Being so small makes them easily accessible for small children.

These small refrigerators can be ideal solution for anyone desiring an additional fridge for the home. They can easily be placed below a counter in your kitchen, and they have a simple sleek design that is very attractive and modern. You can buy these compact refrigeration units in several different finishes, and they even come in various colors. For example, you can get an under counter refrigerator in black or white, or a stainless steel finish. Some custom models feature a wood panelling look. So it is easy to have your new fridge match the look of your existing refrigerator. They can be placed flush against the back walls beneath the counters because the ventilation on the more expensive small refrigerators is at the front of the unit. With the small cheap compact fridges, it is not advisable to install them under counters because they require much more ventilation at the sides and back.

One drawback to the under counter refrigerators is that if you want to get a high quality under counter refrigerator, it can be quite expensive. Many of these fridges will range in price from $1500 to $3000 in American dollars. Each homeowner will have to decide whether an under counter refrigeration unit that is integrated is worth this cost.

The homeowner may instead choose a compact mini bar type of refrigerator which is also small in size but is much cheaper to buy. The main problem with these mini-bar fridges is that if you want to install them under your kitchen counter tops, there may not be enough ventilation for them to operate safely.

If you are interested in getting a high quality under counter refrigerator, you have several good choices. The Electrolux company is one of the high end manufacturers of  under counter refrigeration units.  The Electrolux model has two sliding drawers, large capacity, and looks very sophisticated with a stainless steel exterior.

When you do purchase one of these units, you should also be aware of the issue of how much electrical energy it uses. Although these small under counter refrigerators may be cheap to operate because of their size, in terms of their electrical energy consumption in relation to their volume, they are not very efficient. The larger size American refrigerators are actually cheaper to operate in relation to their size. Still, because of the small size of these under counter refrigeration units, you may find that the usage may amount to about fifty dollars per year in American dollars.